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Zzap Recordings, White Villa, MFL Recordings

Автор нашумевшего хита Turn The Lights Off


Летом 2008 года самый известный house диджей Голландии и один из самых известных в мире – DJ JOSE отметил 25-летие своей карьеры. За эту четверть века своей жизни JOSE добился популярности не только в родных Нидерландах, но и получил  признание во всем мире. JOSE является основателем уникального саунда, ставшего отличительной чертой всей голландской хаус культуры. JOSE - тот, чьи сэты звучали в клубах по всему миру от Ибицы и Греции до США и Израиля. Он неоднократно выступал на фестивалях уровня DanceValley, MisteryLand, TranceEnergy. За последние 10 лет танцевальные боевики от Dj JOSEвыпускались на  всех крупнейших музыкальных лейблах Европы, включая знаменитый Ministry of Sound(Великобритания).  

Чтобы подвести итог своей 25 летней карьеры, JOSE отправился в собственное клубное турне по Европе. Грандиозная серия вечеринок получила название DJ JOSE Hooked on Music Tour 2008. В города тура попали только те места, с которыми JOSE связывают самые приятные воспоминания. Как нестранно, стартовой точкой этого турне стала Россия.




As one of the founders of Club music, DJ JOSE is an important pioneer in the dance scene. With a lot of hits and played in every Dutch club, his productions still know how to find the charts. If he isnt behind the turntables; he runs the his new record label called: MFL Recordings.

DJ JOSE (Jos Klaster) is born at March 24th 1966 in Meppel Holland. Music has always been his biggest passion. At a certain point he discovers the meaning of mixing via records like Relax (Frankie Goes To Hollywood) and High Energy (Evelyn Thomas). At the age of 14 he starts his DJ career with playing for school parties. Not much later he becomes resident of the bar dancing Cez Jean in Steenwijk (Holland), where he lives at that moment. His residence delivers him more bookings in other famous clubs in the area, like Locomotion in Steenwijk (Holland) and Lord Nelson in Meppel (Holland).

At the age of 19 he starts working at the local radio station, where he does the presentation of different radio programmes. At the age of 24 the manager (Barend Zielman) of the big Dutch Music hall X-Ray enters him for a mix-competition, presented by the big Dutch jock Alex van Oosterom. Because he didnt have an official DJ name, manager Barend presents his DJ name for the first time: DJ JOSE was born.

While playing in different clubs and drive inn shows all over the country, the name DJ JOSE becomes famous in the club scène. In 1996 DJ JOSE start working as A&R and product manager of record company Ala Bianca BLX and Media Records BLX. Because of his busy DJ schedule he quits in 2001 and becomes a full time DJ. At the beginning of 1999 until the end of 2001 DJ JOSE is resident DJ of the famous Dutch club Lexion in Westzaan.

Right now DJ JOSE performs in every club in Holland and also is a famous DJ in countries like: Alanya (Turkey), Oslo (Norway), Grand Canaries, Lloret da Mar, Blanes, Salou (Spain), Corfu, Mykonos, Crete (Greece), Israel, Curacao, Aruba, St. Maarten and the tropical island of Bermuda. He also playes at big festivals like: Mystery Land (NL), Dance Valley (NL), Free Festival (NL) and Trance Energy (NL).

Next to his work as a DJ, DJ JOSE produces a lot of hits like: Wrong=Right (1998), House of Justice (1999), II Symbols (2001) and Access (2001) on the label Media Benelux. In 2003 DJ JOSE switches to the record label Zzap Recordings where he releases Hesitate (2003). This record also is a big hit in countries like: England, Austria and Germany. His next record Stepping in To The Beat (2005) also becomes a big hit in countries like: England, France, Spain en Portugal. Most of these records are produced in corporation with DJ/ Producer G-Spott.

July 2006 DJ JOSE releases his newest single: Dedication on the White Villa Records label Dancevilla. This is the first corporation between DJ JOSE and DJ / Producer John Marks. DJ JOSE calls the track Dedication because hes still dedicated to the music and he still loves his job every day. Dedication is provided with a beautiful music video. Vinyl release: 26 June / Single release: 15 august '06.


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